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Philosopher's Café

Philosopher's Café

Topic: Mind Blowing: Hallucinatory Drugs at the Crossroads of Ethnoscience & Neuroscience

Hosts: Dr. Stephen Brown & Dr. Carrie Dennett

"Among the intricately carved ruins in the jungle at Palenque, I partook of the Mayan sacrament, the sacred psilocybin mushroom, and there I learned to see,” wrote poet Mason West. 

From traditional ceremonial practices to modern clinical applications, hallucinatory drugs have played a variety of cultural roles throughout the Americas since time immemorial. Tonight, we will focus primarily on psilocybin, also known as ‘magic mushrooms.’ Drawing on an ethnoscientific approach to frame the discussion, we will briefly introduce and compare Indigenous and Western perspectives (knowledge systems) related to psilocybin use across time. 

Utilizing a neuroscientific approach, we will also dig deeper to examine how these drugs act on the human brain, explore their potential as therapeutics in the mental health field, and answer how a chemical can make us “see” things that aren’t there.

The Philosopher's Café promotes open, meaningful dialogue where participants can share ideas and broaden their perspective by considering the views of others.

  • No philosophical training or expertise is required. 
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  • Free!
Thursday, October 20, 2022
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Library North Nook
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