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Philosopher's Café

Philosopher's Café

Would you join a cult? Exploring powerful cult persuasion techniques

Host: Dr. Anomi Bearden, RDP Psychology Instructor

At this café participants will discuss powerful social influence tactics employed by cult leaders and members to attract, recruit, sustain, indoctrinate, and control their followers. We will explore the question “would you join a cult?”, as many people feel they are not susceptible to such social influence and that these methods work “on someone else (not on me)” - this biased self-serving assumption will be challenged. Examples of dangerous cults will be discussed as well as ways to resist cult persuasion and to free oneself from a cult’s grasp.

The Philosopher's Café promotes open, meaningful dialogue where participants can share ideas and broaden their perspective by considering the views of others.

Registration is encouraged. Only 50 seats available.


Thursday, September 28, 2023
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Library Main Floor, East End
  Library & Research  
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