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Philosopher's Café

Philosopher's Café

ChatGPT will Save the World! ChatGPT will Destroy the World!
Negotiating the use of Generative AI in the Post-Secondary Context

Hosts: Dr. Trish Campbell, Ph.D., and Cindy Brooks, M.A., RDP Communications Studies Instructors

This facilitated discussion will explore issues arising from the complex, controversial, and disruptive technology that is generative AI (Artifical Intelligence). The talk will contextualize generative AI within broader media history, then identify specific themes and entry points emerging from the technology’s use in post-secondary institutions.

The Philosopher's Café promotes open, meaningful dialogue where participants can share ideas and broaden their perspective by considering the views of others.

  • No philosophical training or expertise is required. 
  • Registration is encouraged.
  • Free!
Thursday, February 29, 2024
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Library Main Floor, East End
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