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Test Kitchen - Psychology Independent Study Students Online

RDP’s Research Test Kitchen, hosted by the Research Common, is an opportunity for scholars to talk about the work in which they’re currently engaged and receive input and feedback. Just like a chef trying out recipes, scholars are encouraged to bring work in any stage of progress to a space where they can test out ideas in conversation with colleagues.

In December’s Test Kitchen, the following six Psychology Independent Study students will be presenting their research proposals:

  • Emma Wrench -  Physical Activity and Visual Attention
    This study investigates how brief physical activity impacts sustained attention in a diverse student population, employing a comprehensive two-part approach that combines a survey with an experimental segment utilizing the Sustained Attention to Response Task. By exploring the potential benefits of a short, 10-minute physical activity session, the project aims to uncover valuable insights into enhancing attention levels among students.

  • Star Clynes and Amalia Uliniuc - Post-Secondary Student Belongingness and Connection: Informing Campus Mental Health Strategy Through Student Perspectives
    In this qualitative study, we will use focus groups to gather RDP student perspectives on experiences with existing campus supports, barriers that impact academic success and well-being, suggestions for improvements in student services and supports, and ways to foster stronger campus connections and sense of belonging.

    Project collaborators are Tanya Lyons-Belt (Manager of Student Supports), RDP Counselling Centre, and Dr. Krista Robson (Sociology Instructor and RDP Lead on Post-Secondary Student Homelessness Research Project). This research will also supplement the Canadian Campus Well-being Survey (CCWS) and will help to inform Red Deer Polytechnic’s Student Mental Health Strategy from 2024 to 2027.

  • Chiyla Hemeyer - Empowering Wellness: Design Thinking for Assistive Technology in Long-Term Care
    In long-term care settings, residents often face physical and medical challenges impacting their quality of life, so this project aims to empower residents through a human-centered problem-solving approach by allowing residents to actively participate in identifying and creating solutions using assistive technology. This initiative has the potential to innovate in how to approach health monitoring and engage in care strategies for adults in long-term care settings, emphasizing collaboration, creativity, and individualized support.

  • Shree Aiyer - Exploring the Influence of Childhood Trauma and Childbirth Self-efficacy in Birth Trauma
    Emotional, psychological, and physical trauma experienced during childbirth is known as birth trauma. We intend to explore how childhood trauma and confidence in parenting ability (self-efficacy) can influence the likelihood of birth trauma.
  • Ryan Henri - Why Educator Belief in Neuromyths Persists
Friday, December 15, 2023
11:30am - 1:30pm
Red Deer Polytechnic Classroom
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