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Heart Rate Variability Testing

Are you looking to help decrease stress levels and improve overall wellbeing? Heart Rate Variability testing might be for you!

HRV is simply the slight fluctuation in time between heartbeats. If your heart rate is highly variable, this usually indicates your body can adapt to many kinds of changes. People with high HRV scores are usually less stressed and happier. These undetectable fluctuations can be scientifically measured with specific devices. This HRV test will tell you if your body is coherent. The Quick Coherence Technique (QCT) is a method to reduce stress and lead to better overall health. Book a time to have your HRV tested. A coherence score will be given at your appointment with a handout on how to do the QCT.  Testing takes about 20 minutes with some extra time for questions and transition to next student

Room: GH106

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Thursday, April 11, 2024
11:00am - 2:00pm
Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre - classroom
  Counselling Services